Cyber Security Risk Management Services

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats with Our Comprehensive Risk Management Services

SchoolSource Technologies brings a unified, focused approach to the problem. With the ability to unify focus, bring the constituencies together, and achieve a clear outcome. SchoolSource Technologies takes a comprehensive approach to managing the process of educating staff, evaluation of risks, and suggesting sensible changes in the realm of mitigating risks in Cyber security. We bring the constituencies together in an organized, systematic approach that produces results. And we incorporate both affordability and attainability into the strategy.

Moving to a proactive cybersecurity stance calls for significant external skill and experience. SchoolSource has decades of experience in guiding organizations through the complexities of implementing cybersecurity programs. SchoolSource has developed a proven successful process to bring all three constituents into alignment. These techniques have proven out over many years of practice. Our comprehensive cyber security approach includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Education and awareness at all levels of the organization
  • Risk Assessment approach to right-size security implementations
  • Advisory Services & Product Solutions for appropriate levels of risk mitigation
  • Expert Cybersecurity Risk Management Office designed for School Districts

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